Jumat, 22 Agustus 2014


Depression tells you there's no way out but it LIES.
Remember that. Depression lies. Depression tells you it is forever.
Depression tells you that you are worth nothing. But it lies.
It's the hardest thing you'll ever do, but stay strong.`

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Anonim mengatakan...

Hola chica.
I suggest you read into mindfulness. It can have a very positive effect on people who are depressed or have anxiety disorders. Eating regularly. Fighting the negative thoughts. A simple action as a fake smile or a forced laugh can trigger a reaction in your brain that will cause you to have a more spirited mood. Also looking into your values (not goals) and seeing if you are fulfilling them, can help you identify what you need to focus extra on in order to live a healthier life. Don't focus on what others expect, but merely on your own values.
"Self-compassion", is just as important, treat yourself how you'd treat a friend. Would you berate them for their depression? or would you give them extra care?
I am very glad to read this post. It's hard to see the light when you feel surrounded by darkness. Keep it up, Lushka!


Lushka mengatakan...

ga ngerti kamu ngomong apa. hehe.
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