Rabu, 29 Februari 2012

Smile, now. You are worthy (Glee/Cough Syrup)

I believe I have to share this very strong scene from Glee a week a go. Say no to bullying for any kind reason. Lagu-lagu yang ditampilin Glee minggu lalu bertema tentang menjadi seseorang yang tetap kuat walaupun rasanya udah ngga punya apa-apa lagi untuk dipertahankan. Padahal kalau kita mau tunggu sebentar, sehari, seminggu, sebulan...kita bisa liat berapa banyak orang yang peduli dan sayang sama kita. But most of all, we will see that there millions of things that we haven't see or experienced and we're eager to get there someday.

Aside from that, I'm giving special big prop for Max Adler for giving his best to portray a troubled in-the-closet jock High school that got bullied and Darren Criss to do a very well cover version of Young the Giant Cough syrup.

I wont stop saying, that you're not alone in this. There are so many people that feels like shit out there, that at this very second are thinking life is worthless and there are no one who you can relate to. But you're wrong. Coz I've been there and life is not that simple to look through one eye. When you still have something to make you smile today, trust me, life is still worth living for =)

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