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Thank you, Glee (Glee to me)

Glee is ending this Saturday and I think it's only right if I make a post about it. Glee has been one of the most influencing show in my adult life, especially my queer adult life and it's definitely hard to see it go after 6 years of being a very good best friend.

Sepertinya gue udah pernah cerita gimana pertama kali gue kenal Glee dan bagaimana ceritanya berlanjut dengan meracuni seorang Lushka yang susah banget nyangkut dengan satu TV seri. And it didn't stop there. There was a time when every week Lushka and I meet up, we would watch the episode that week together, entah itu di kafe dengan laptop atau di rumah gue. Bahkan gue dan Lushka pernah nonton 9 episode pertama Glee sambil nyanyi-nyanyi kayak orang gila karena hapal lagu-lagunya hehe..Ada masanya dimana gue hanya dengerin lagu-lagu Glee (yang saat itu masih "hanya" sebanyak 100 lagu) non-stop. Bahkan di mobil sampe satu keluarga gue juga hapal mati sama lagu-lagu Glee.

Then things got difficult for me..and while everyone seems to be confused of how to handle me or even walked away, Glee was there. Granted, it was more like I was there to cling to it. I was obsessed beyond weird dan gue inget Lushka capek denger gue ngomongin Glee ngga berhenti. Every fanvid, every interview, every article, every meme, every inside jokes about Glee, I knew it all. You name it. Glee was my way of coping so I didn't decide to just end everything right there and then. It was easier to laugh and cry about some fictional character's life than about myself. So yea, when a lot of gleeks say that it isn't JUST a show, I have to agree.

Glee yang pertama ngenalin gue dengan dunia fangirl lebih gila lagi. Fandom, OTP, shipping, fanfiction (there was a time where I was horribly sick and I couldn't get up from bed at all for a whole month, Glee fanfiction was my absolute companion. Therefore kudos to ALL Glee fic writers!). Sakit yang berikutnya ketika gue kejebak di tempat tidur lagi pun yang nemenin gue adalah tiga full seasons DVD original Glee.
Glee juga yang pertama kali nunjukkin kalau antara casts bisa jadi keluarga dan temen terdeket. We love them not as a celebrities, but like a friend. I would like to thanks the casts for being super sexually fluid too so it is easier for us to ship you with whoever we want =P

But most of all, Glee introduced me with a lot of friends from all around the world (my current girlfriend included <3). Ngga ada batas usia, orientasi seksual, pekerjaan, OTP (yea, this matters lol) atau jenis kelamin/gender. We were friends not just because we like the same particular TV show or characters but because we believe the idea of what Glee offers. Acceptance to be unique, caring with each other and the love of music to be a big part of our life.

When Cory died, millions of gleeks felt the same devastation. Even until now every time we heard his voice in a song or his face on the screen as Finn. Yea, I know, his character is kind of a jerk but Cory was the one we truly missed. He was the face of reality just like Robin Williams did.
Glee was the first family primetime tv show that introduced a canon teen-lesbian cheerleader couple and it was all not because they intended it to be. The Gleeks were the one who pushed it to make it happen. Brittana will now be a legend in LGBT TV show. 

Glee fandom was the first one who won one poll after another of TV favorite couples when the couple themselves are non-canon and fabulously gay. For that, I give my deepest bow of respect to the Faberry fandom. 

Glee also the first one who put a teen transgender character as one of their main and my adoration to the show just grew bigger and bigger. These are just a very minor thing about Glee because I cant list every single thing Glee has tried to be a (fail) PSA all through the years LoL

Glee didn't just help me loving myself more, it also raised up my mood even in the most shittiest condition. In the end, even though it looks like gleeks were only living through the glorious and dramatic life of the characters, we know that each of those characters at one point was us and they remind us that we're not alone. That there is always a way. A friend. A future.

If you look up "Glee to me" all over the internet, you'll find thousands of similar stories like mine because that's how important this show is. I can't possibly put everything I love about this show into one article but I guess this would be enough to summarize what I can think of right now.

Now I'm just gonna back to weep in the corner listening to "I lived", yea? XD

Big hugs to the Glee fandom <3

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