Jumat, 08 Juni 2007

While you sleep..

I paused to watch you as you slept, thinking about how beautiful and lovely you are, and about how lucky I am to have you. You were lying in a fetal position on your right side, your legs pulled up, you arms folded in front of your chest. The sheet was pulled between your leg, allowing an unhindered view of your long soft thigh . The scene ignited the fire inside me. I bent to caress you on the cheek. As you stirred, I spread kisses along your lips, neck, then to your breast where I lingered, gently squeezing every each one of them. You awoke and smiled at me as you ran your fingers through my hair. Then you rolled over onto your back, and I tugged the sheet away to drink in your lustful body. Aroused, my lips eagerly returned to your back, your neck and my hand cupped each and one of your breast. You were so aroused too that I could feel the rhymth of your heartbeat steadily climb as I continued to kissed you, my hand between your thigh, touching you. Your legs opened for me, and I slip between them, thrusting deeply as I can into you. As I make love to you, your breathing became frantic. You sighed and moaned as the pleasure burst through you. You were so hot. So full of energy. Suddenly you screamed out as I touched the right spot, and as I felt the trembling wrack your body, the pleasure burst through me as well, and I met you at the end. Afterward, I laid beside you, spent, and you gave me a grin. I knew you'd enjoyed being woken up this way.

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Lushka mengatakan...

plop plop kita, yang?


Mithya mengatakan...


yuk plop plop..ntar aku disalahin lagi sama maul, ori dan rie yang sepertinya shock dengan pertanyaan absurd kamu.

Lushka mengatakan...

You gave me a grin.:-D

Plop plop yuk yang