Senin, 28 Juni 2010

This is my attempt of love letter for you

I dont know how to do this, coz being all soft and romantic in a freaking love letter isn’t really my thing. You asked for it. My brain would go all mushy and probably explode. But I’m doing this for you. So bare with me here, hehe. I figure I’d try writing this by letting you know why I’m so falling in love head over heels for you. So this is my attempt of love letter for you.

As strange as it may seem, I was hooked on you karena profile picture friendster kamu. Some badass DC comic female superheroes foot was on top of captain America’s face. I didn’t care if you don’t really into comics and superheroes, but that picture told me that this girl is not someone you can toy around with.

Waktu awal perkenalan kita lewat messages, I found you’re witty and funny and honestly blunt. Kamu bukan orang yang suka basa-basi dan banyak pake topeng. Sangat berbeda sama aku yang penuh manipulasi. I found it very comfortable to talk to you about who I am. You never judge. Pelan-pelan kamu bikin aku lebih santai. And though even after you said you love me berkali-kali dan aku ngga langsung ngebales perkataan itu, you’re Ok with it. Kamu cewek pertama yang aku kenal dewasa sesuai dengan umurnya haha (and I’m too old for my age, I know. Now I’m stuck hehe.). We're so different but yet we always could get around it and still sees what a perfect match we are.

Soon, you had me at hello on the phone.

Aku masih inget pertama kali suara kamu terdengar beda di telepon. All your defenses were down and you just let your feeling showned. Lagi-lagi kamu nunjukkin kalau membiarkan diri kita “merasa” itu ngga berbahaya. So I let my guard down a little too. And suddenly all those love songs starting to make sense for me. Before, love songs are stupid wannabe feelings yang dikarang orang-orang yang menghayal negeri utopia itu exist. Turns out you’re my utopia. You made me grin like a fool everytime u sent me texts. You made me feel those doki-doki feelings in my chest when u said you missed me. You made me think of you 24/7 non-stop when you’re not around. You made me think falling in love is indeed NOT stupid, coz I already am and it doesn’t feel so bad.

Not for long I declared you’re my kryptonite coz you really makes me all weak in the knees and in my heart. Guess it’s not a coincidence that you likes the color green, huh? =)

Aku masih inget the first time I said “I love you” waktu aku di rumah sakit dan aku masih bisa ber-alibi itu semua karena obat painkillers hehe. But it does matters. Saying “I love you” to other people for me is a big deal. I don’t just throw around those three words ke orang lain. Those words are something I need to say with warmth filling my chest. Bahkan aku lebih suka bilang “aku sayang kamu” karena “cinta” buatku selamanya dibalut “nafsu”. You’re not just a lust for me, that’s bonus. You’re everything that I wish all of my existence could be wrapped with. Kamu orang pertama yang bisa buat dada aku ngga terasa “dingin” dan “kosong” (ok, cue first brain exploding here =P).

Kamu orang yang bikin aku selalu ngerasa kuat. Kamu selalu orang pertama yang aku selalu pingin cerita what my day have been, no matter how shitty or how amazing it was. You’re the person who could say “everything is going to be ok” and I dont want to snap back, “bullshit.”

You’re the person I could fall comfortably silent on the phone. No need of word exchanged, just you being there on the other side of the line and everything just feels better.

Kamu orang pertama yang aku minta sing me a lullaby if I dont feel good. You’re singing actually made my headache stop, remember? Kamu orang pertama yang mau bacain aku cerita sambil nunggu aku tidur. We would sing loudly while on the road, doesn’t give a damn with weird looks we got from other people. You’re that person who I could sit for hours on the beach eating peanuts and kerak telor haha. You’re the girl I do sappy things with and it’s all feels Ok. And oh, how your lips and hands match perfectly on mine (cue second brain exploding here too haha).

Rest assure, I’d kick anyone in the hind if they would try to hurt you.

Being with me is hard, I know. I’ve been an ass and hurts you a lot of time, but I need you to know that I’m trying to be the best girlfriend. I hope you forgives me for all the idiotic things I've done or said. I’m yours eternally. Aku sayang kamu, my wrong kind of saviour.

Looky, I made myself completely look like a fool writing these things to you AND post it on our blog haha. Love me back. Always. Yeah?

*mushy brain oozing from my nose =D*

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wibowo mengatakan...

talking about love is never ending. all can only be felt but can not see: D
love is the best gift that is owned by a human. and her loss will be someone that does not make perfect
interesting article:) behind it awaited the visit and comment

lushka mengatakan...

=) sayang.
i love this post.
you're a sappy, you know. hihi
t.q.r. mi amor