Senin, 28 Maret 2011

PC 28 - Finale

Hi B,
We made it!
4th years!
Salute. Open the bottle B! We don't have any sparkling's wine? Ah, we can open Tebs, the sparkling soda =) it could tasted Wine if we good on imagining it.
Yes. Our story is part of our imaginations, we both have an imagination long term steady never existed boyfriend to survived the world. Hehe.
Thank you, Mithya.

Remember the picture, B?
Once Bliss said to her friend once she asked ' what's the altenative?' And Bliss's replied is 'Alternative of what?'

We don't have any alternative, you and me - me and you, 4 years together. Not always breath, walking tall. We crawled, injured, bruised eventually but in the end we could show our best winning grin. We're safe and sound on our 4th base! Strike. Touch down!

Mwah, ayang!
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3 komentar:

kriscop mengatakan...

congratz to both of u, really happy to read all ur stories. i know in all any relationship there are up n down, n i'm happy for u guys, for ur 4th anniversary.. :D so inspired.. ;)

lots of kiss n hug for lushka n mithya... :D

Lily mengatakan...

Congrats girls! 4 tahun bukan waktu yang sebentar untuk sebuah hubungan, specially lesbian relationship... ;) Salut sama kalian. Keep it on yaa...

rafha mengatakan...

lama ga mampir di mari, ga taunya jeung lushka & mithya udah 4tahunan.

selamat berbahagia yaa... ^^
semoga kebahagiaan selalu menjadi milik kalian berdua.

oiya, bulan depan rafha ama bee jg mo anniversay yg ke 2 lhoo... :)