Selasa, 24 Agustus 2010



Sometimes I feel awkward and helpless if I want to show off my girlfriend in front of my straight friends.  I want them to know how awesome my girlfriend is and I do have the same simple and ordinary relationship with Mithya like they have.

There is time, like when we are discussing about relationship and took some samples with our current relationship, they can easily mentioned what their boyfriend does and did, while I am hesitatingly biting my tongues to tell stories about what my girlfriend would do and did.

I am afraid that maybe they will underestimate my relationship, because mine is the impossible one.  I am afraid if I showed my queerness with Mithya, they will build boundaries in our friendship. I know its silly thought, because they read this blog and they still befriend with me.

But I can't help the insecure feeling and it's so much different if we discussed it lively than just mentioning it as a subject in our girly conversation.


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blackgoat mengatakan...

nyaaaaaaaaah..paham saya*elus elus jenggot*..*sigh*..

Lushka mengatakan...

hehehe. tos dulu mbing.

Kemarin, one of the good friend, dropped a message in ym chat.
She said that she's never underestimate my relationship, ensure that mine is not impossible one and she will be my friend no matter what. And she's understanding the insecure feeling.
Awww. Isn't sweet?
Thanks dear, you make my day. =)

blackgoat mengatakan...

waaaaaaaaa,teman yang kereeeeeen,ahahahahahahaha,*tossss buluuush