Minggu, 29 Agustus 2010

Rowling can cut Meyer anytime she wants. Just sayin.

Yeah, just gonna leave it here..

Nurse: So do you read at all?

Me: Oh yeah, tons. I just got done reading the Harry Potter series again.

Nurse: Really?! I just started on those. People kept telling me to read them, and I love a good series.

Me: Yeah.

Nurse: But Twilight’s such a better series. It’s so much better.

Me: So what book are you on?

Nurse: The fifth one.

Me: Snape kills Dumbledore


Bitch got served LoL The wrong reference add up the sarcastic effect.

2 komentar:

whiteowl mengatakan...

bwahahahaha ... good one, Mbak Mithya! a bloody good one ... i can't imagine her expression at that time ... if only you got a picture of it and post it ... PRICELESS!!

Ryou mengatakan...

I've read Twilight and I'm not even moved. Even fan fictions are better. Just sayin'. Heh heh. Anyway I love both Dumby and Snape, so glad they're on the same side :D
Ps. idem dengan whiteowl. heh heh :D